Rodway Hill Golf Course offer a fantastic advertising package that can increase your brand awareness.

Did you know Rodway Hill Golf Course has 30,000 rounds played per annum that's 30,000 people that see your advert everytime they play a hole!!

Also why not take advantage of advertising close to the clubhouse, we get an average 80 - 100 Sunday Lunches served on a Sunday. This could provide you with an excellent chance to distribute your companies offering.

The Packages: 

Tee Box Adverts        - £240 + VAT = This includes an advert about 2.5ft x 1.5ft 

Putting Green Advert - £240 + VAT = This would be ideal to target the Sunday Lunch Customers

Clubhouse adverts    - £240 + VAT = This advert would be printed on Glossy Paper and displayed within the clubhouse 

Scorecard Adverts     - £600 + VAT = This advert would get maximum exposure as cards are posted all around the world

Golf Buggy Advert     - £300 + VAT = This advert would be vinyled onto the side of a buggy. The buggies are located at the entrance to the club. So make it bright and attract attention.

Driving Range Advert  - £240 + VAT = This advert would be used to displayed yards, so would be look at by everyone.



Winter two ball offer with buggies


Nov 1st - March 31st

from 12 noon £10.00 per person

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Rodway Hill Golf Course,
Newent Road,

01452 384222